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At L.L.Bean, we understand your concerns about online security. That's one of the reasons we offer a Secure Order Promise and maintain rigorous standards to ensure your personal information is safe when you shop at 


What We Do to Protect Your Information 

We use encryption technology to ensure the secure transmission of any personal information you provide while using All transactions on our site are conducted using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. You can easily determine when you're sending data securely by looking at the Web address (URL) in your browser window: the first few letters will change from "http" to "https" when you are transmitting information protected by SSL encryption (the "s" in "https" stands for "secure"). 


Please note that our Secure Login screens are also protected by encryption technology. Because they are presented in a pop-in layer rather than a separate page, you may not see "https" in the URL. 


Norton Security Seal


Secure Order Promise

We designed our Secure Order Promise so that you will never have to pay for any unauthorized charges to your credit card account, if those charges result from your authorized transaction at

If you are a victim of credit card fraud, the Fair Credit Act specifies that your credit card company can hold you liable for no more than $50 in fraudulent charges to your account. With our Secure Order Promise, you'll be reimbursed for any amount up to $50 billed to you by your credit card company for unauthorized charges to your account, if those charges result from an order you've placed at To benefit from this protection, you must promptly notify your credit card company of any fraudulent charges and follow the procedures for doing so as outlined in your credit card agreement.

What You Can Do

Popular Web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) support SSL technology. To ensure you're getting the best protection available, we recommend using the latest version of your browser software and downloading security updates as they become available.

Here are a few more suggestions for maintaining the security of your computer and the information you provide online.

  • Install software only if you are certain it is from a trusted source.
  • Use public computers only if they are maintained by a trusted source, and always be sure to log out of your account and shut down the web browser before leaving the computer.
  • If you are presented with a link to in email or on another site, and are unsure whether it is valid, do not click the link. Instead, type in your browser's address field to access our site directly.
  • Please see our Customer Alert regarding fraudulent Web sites promising gift cards or other rewards in return for completing a survey.

Note: Email is not a secure form of communication. Please do not send us your credit card number or other personal information via email. Our Chat feature is secure, but we ask that you not send us credit card information during any Chat session.



Links to Other Sites

Occasionally we provide links on our Web site to other sites to enhance the functionality and shopping experience. These sites operate independently of L.L.Bean and have established their own security and privacy policies. For the best online experience, we strongly encourage you to review these policies at any site you visit.

To learn more about L.L.Bean's privacy and security practices, please see Your Privacy Rights. 
"Phishing" Scams & Fraudulent Gift Card Offers



What Is "Phishing"?

Phishing is a method used by criminals to trick people into revealing personal or financial information. Scammers use many methods to lure victims, including legitimate-looking emails appearing to be from a trusted company or bank.

Phishing attacks and other scams can be difficult to detect. Criminals often copy company logos and Web site design in order to make these emails appear genuine.



Fraudulent Gift Card Offers

In addition to email attacks, there have been recent examples of fraudulent Web sites offering free merchant gift cards or other rewards for completing a survey. The survey often asks for credit card or personal information, or requires purchases of services or items to qualify for the "free gift." Beyond providing information to the unauthorized site, participation in the survey and embedded offers may also release personal information to unknown third parties for further exploitation.

To lure visitors, some of these Web sites attempt to appear as the merchants themselves. In some cases, links to these sites appear in the results list after searching for the targeted merchant on search engines such as Google™.



How to Avoid These Scams

Trust your instincts.

  • If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. All L.L.Bean promotions are advertised either in our catalogs, at and/or our stores.
  • Be careful when clicking links from search engines or email.
  • If you are unsure about the validity of a link to L.L.Bean, do not click it. Instead, enter directly into your browser's address bar to go directly to our site. You may find it convenient to save this address in your Web browser's "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" folder.
  • If you receive a fraudulent email and have not opened it, delete it immediately.
  • If you're uncertain of the legitimacy of an email, Web site or promotional offer that appears to be from L.L.Bean, please contact customer service at 800-341-4341 or email
  • Don't send personal information via email.
  • Email is not a secure method of communication. Never include your social security number, credit card number, PIN or account password in an email.
  • Please note that the only time L.L.Bean will ask for credit card or other account information online is during secure transactions at or if you're using our L.L.Bean for Business Web site, We will never request this type of information at another site or via email.