Polo Shirt Buying Guide

Our Polos are comfortable, durable and designed to have your employees looking their best no matter where the office is. Use the comparison guide to find the best polos for your team. 

Everyday SunSmart Polo

Best Polo for Warm Weather

Breathable and quick-drying with superior UV protection for worry-free work days under the sun.

Why to Buy: One Incredible Polo for Every Job

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95

Ultimate Comfort

Ultimate Comfort

Quick-dry, breathable fabric with added stretch for maximum comfort.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection

UPF50+ rated fabric blocks 97.5% of UV rays for worry-free outdoor activities.

Odor Control

Odor Control

Antimicrobial fabric keeps you fresh all day.

Lightweight Sport Polos

Best Polos for Active Teams

Ideal for active employees, our polos stay cool, dry and breathable when temps heat up.

Why to Buy: Unbeatable Performance for Active Teams


Quick-dry, wicking fabric with sun protection ensures all-day comfort.

Inclusive Fit

Unisex options in various colors, sizes, and styles perfect for cohesive team outfitting.

Lightweight Comfort

Soft, breathable polyester ideal for active work days and team events.

Premium Double L Polo

Most Versatile Polo

In sizes for everyone from XS to 5X, our popular polos resist fading, shrinking and pilling.

Why to Buy: A Perfect Fit for Team Outfitting

Superior Quality

Resilient fabric that resists wrinkles, shrinking, and fading.


Built to endure rigorous wear and washing.

Versatile Style

Perfect for dressing up with chinos or dressing down with jeans.

Classic Polo

Best Value Polo

Price: $29.95


Lighter than our Premium Polos yet just as durable. Made of soft combed cotton that resists pilling and shrinking, these polos look great inside the office and out. 

Why to Buy: Our Best Value All-Cotton Polo Shirts

Pima Cotton Polo & Cardigan

The Softest Polo

Price: $39.95


Supima cotton is luxuriously soft and twice as strong as everyday cotton for long-lasting comfort your entire team deserves.


Why to Buy: The Finest Cotton Tops for Your Team