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If you have questions or would like assistance placing an order, our Account Specialists are ready to assist you from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.  



Phone: 800-554-4071  

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Popular Help Topics  

Verifying Your Email Address  

To ensure the most secure shopping experience, L.L.Bean for Business requires that you verify your email address before creating an account on To verify your email address, just type it into the field when prompted from the “Log In or Create an Account” forms, then look for an email from L.L.Bean for Business in your inbox and click on the link provided to create a new account.  


Resetting Your Password 

If it’s your first time to our newly designed site, you’ll have to reset your password to meet the new password security guidelines.   


Returns & Exchanges  

Please contact us to arrange for the return of your order. Return Policy   


Tax Exempt Status  

If you have established your tax-exempt status with L.L.Bean for Business, taxes will be displayed as $0.00 in the Check Out when you get to Payment. If you are being charged taxes but you are tax exempt, add a note in the Shopping Bag in the 'Order Notes' text box. A representative will contact you to obtain your tax exempt documentation.  


L.L.Bean Promotion Codes and Bean Bucks®  

L.L.Bean promotions and promotion codes are not valid on L.L.Bean for Business orders. does not accept Bean Bucks® or Gift Cards as a payment method.  


Business Catalog Opt Out

If you would like to be removed from our mailing list please scan the back cover of all business catalogs you received and then email, fax or mail a copy to us so we can remove you completely. Without this information, we cannot guarantee removal and you will continue to receive catalogs.  See contact information above.


Purchase History  

Log in to see your previous L.L.Bean for Business Web and Phone orders since 2014. You can also use the “Buy Again” feature for quickly re-ordering your favorite products. 


Approved Logos 

When you create an account on the Web site, we’ll look up any logos you have previously used on orders and display them under My Logos. If you create an account with a different email address, we cannot retrieve your logos. If you are not sure which email address has your logos, please contact us before creating your account.


Special Instructions for Embroidery

If you have notes about your logo or thread colors, you can add them on the product page after selecting a logo and placement. Click on the arrow to the right of “Add Special Instructions.’ A text box displays and you can type in your notes. These notes will be added to the personalization information for your selected product.


Order Notes

You can add notes about your order in the Shopping Bag. If you don’t have access to an approved logo, you can add a note and the Design ID if it’s available in this text box. This note will be submitted with your order.


Company Name  

If you are not associated with a company, check the “not a company/no company” box. The “Company Name” field cannot be edited after registration. Please do not abbreviate or use acronyms when entering Company Name.   

If you need to edit your company name, contact us at 800-554-4071. If you moved to a new company, you should set up a new account with your new company name.  



Political Policy

L.L.Bean does not fulfill bulk orders or personalization requests associated with political organizations, including political parties, candidate / referendum campaigns, or non-profits whose mission centers on highly partisan issues.